[Story] Please Continue The Story 2018-10-05

Hey guys! There are so many outstanding stories in the comment of the last [Story]. Let’s have a look first.



All the passages are very coherent and creative, but too long to present every passage here.

Anyway, here begins today’s story.

When you were little, your grandad passed away and left his dog to your family. He was the cutest boy, loyal, fun, your best friend. It’s been 70 years and you’re old and frail, but your dog is still alive. You think he’s immortal. One day, he speaks. “It’s time you knew the truth, old friend.”…


Guys, what do you think will happen next? Write it down and share with us! See you next time!

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  1. He says to me that “I am not only a dog . Actually , i am a human being . I worked as a scientist many years before. One day i was making an unordinary chemical and it was pulled back on me and after that i become a dog from a human bieng and i went to your granny because of thier old age they can hear my voice and i told her the whole story of me . I think old people could hear my voice as you can also now . Yeah i have become immortal by my experiment but i am not happy . After you passed away i will found another old person to tell him my story and share my feelings with him.”

  2. “The truth is that I am your grandpa.I know u can’t believe it,but its true.one day ,while returning from a market with my dog sally , I was ceased by a an old woman. She said that if I could tell her the way to village ” gangagarh” she would reward me, but I was confused since I didnt hear about such village before. So out of anger ,she cursed me that after my demise my soul would dwell in sally, my dog! And then she went away.At first I laughed but I do believe now . I m sorry for hiding the hard truth from you.promise me that u won’t share it”. I promised him, unhesitatingly and was happy at thought that my grandfather was still alive.

  3. And one day the dog spoke “dear i never left you. I cared so much for you, even though my body left this world but my soul its still there, it took shelter in this dog. I was and will always be there to look after you. When you will leave this world peacefully I too will leave this world with you. I love you soo much my dear grandchild… Yes its me your grand dad”….

  4. When he said ” Its time you knew the truth,old friend…I came from future, your grandson(a renowned scientist of future) created me(a human lingual speaking dog having a age more than 150 years) because in near future every person seems to be aparted, there they will not have people to talk or spent time with.
    That’s why your grandson experimented upon me & sent back as puppy ,by time machine(which have been successfully created in future) intentionally to your father, So that you can start preparing for ideas to create a dog like me & pass your ideas to your son & then grandson. And only you can do this as you are the best dog biological researcher of our planet.
    Then he says ,its my time to go back otherwise the future will change. Greetings for your work & sorrow departure from you my friend. I spent my life like a real dog with you,Thankyou😢

    And he disappeared with the time machine. It took a weak to me to accept the reality but I started my work on….

  5. Baby i am your grandpa….my soul is inside the dog… If you could hear my voice, your became an older people… After my death, i was coming inside the dog soul… So it could not been old…. Sry for telling the truth

  6. Dog just grab my cloth and start pulling me , I am bit confused what’s going own ? What he want I just start following him after walking 1.5-2 km I just seen one temple after walking such a marathon I am just thinking what the hell is this Jackson (dog) he start barking and start pulling when I entered the temple I seen one priest sitting in Dhyan mudra I am shocked he is my grandpa😯😯😯.

  7. I am a jinn who belongs to your ancester. I am here from the last two decades to protect your ancester and you as well. Once I was in the cage of a horrible priest your grandpa freed me, since then I am here to serve your family. Despite that it is the time to leave you and your generation with my blessings.

  8. He said that,you mean your granddad is 70 years old and the dog is still alive ,this means he is mortal ,suppose when the age of your granddad was 65 years old, he took the dog .This means the age of dog is now only 5 years old .

  9. “I’m an immortal dog like what you thougt. Long time ago your grandad found me in a forest. Then he took care of me. One day he said to me to take care of you if he has passed away. You were a lovely grandson for him. He didn’t want you to have any problem in your life. That’s why he wanted me to take care of you as well.” Then the man cried aloud after hearing that story. He’s never knew that his grandad love him so much.

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