Comic Books And Manga

There are profound (very great) differences between American comic books and Japanese manga besides the obvious country distinction. Comics are thought of as a staple of Western geek culture; manga also has a similar feeling in the East.


Yet, comic books have spawned famous characters such as Batman and Superman while more notable characters of manga include Naruto and Luffy from One Piece. In light of National Comic Book Day, here are some notable differences between comic books and Manga.

Comparing Comic Books and Manga

If you’re familiar with comic books and manga, you’ll notice manga is read from right to left while comic books are read from left to right. The text for comic books is also read horizontally while manga is read vertically.

Comic books are often printed in full color while most manga is printed in black and white. However, sometimes you will find a few pages of manga printed in color. This usually depends on the manga’s popularity.

comics book

Manga has long story arcs which means the plot can span volumes. Comic books, on the other hand, are often standalone and are finished within one volume.

For comic books, the story and art are jobs done by different people. However, for manga, the story and art are done by the author. In terms of artwork, comic books are often more realistic than manga.

Comic Book Recommendations

While not a big fan of comic books, the Archie series was a popular comic book that has an American TV show based off of its characters. Riverdale, anyone? Marvel and DC are also popular genres of the American comic book genre. If you’ve heard of Stranger Things, an original science fiction Netflix series, the show will be having its own comic series.

Manga Recommendations

While not having read a ton of manga, I am a fan of animé, Japanese cartoons usually made from manga. My personal favorites include Blue Spring Ride and Kuroko No Basuke, a romance and sports manga respectively.

Which Do You Prefer?

Comic books and manga have their unique differences and are catered to different tastes. Which do you prefer to read? Which comic books and/or manga would you recommend?