Joe and Hebe are talking about the show that just passed.

男底色 Well, there was quite a show!

女底色 I’ll say. I’ve never seen one as good as it. That final dress was amazing! I don’t even know what the material was.

男底色 Some kind of silk, I think.

女底色 But the way it was folded—really great. I thought the theme was good, too—that kind of 30s style.

男底色 Not very Indian, though.

女底色 I think it was supposed to be influenced by Scottish style—you know, the designer was talking about house parties before the war, aristocrats, that sort of decadent sexy style. I’m glad they didn’t just do that pre-war style, because that’s been so common recently.

男底色 Oh, that’s why they had the skirts that looked like kilts, and those half-slung things over the shoulder.

女底色 And it looks like a little furry animal.

男底色 Sporrans.

女底色 Do Scottish people really wear that kind of costume? It looks very strange, especially on the men.

男底色 No, they just wear them for very formal occasions or when doing historical things. It’s like a ceremonial old-style dress.

女底色 Oh, I see. So it’s a kind of dressing-up?

男底色 Yes, for weddings and balls and so on. Normally we’d wear suits, but Scotsmen can wear kilts on some occasions. Not for business though.

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