Mrs. Parker is trying to get her car repaired before she goes out. Here is the conversation between her and the shopkeeper.


女底色 Hello, is this Joe’s Auto Repair Shop?

男底色  Yes, it is. How may I help you?

女底色  This is Mrs. Parker. I’m calling about my car. Has it been repaired yet?

男底色  Not yet. It’s being repaired right now.

女底色  How soon do you think it’ll be ready?

男底色  It should be ready by 4:00 pm. We’ll call you when it’s done.

女底色  I don’t understand why you’re still working on it. You’ve had it for three days.

男底色  To tell the truth, we can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

女底色  You can’t? But my friend Bob told me you were the best mechanic in the city.

男底色   I just don’t know how to fix your car, to be honest.

女底色  There must be something you can do for it.

男底色 We will try our best.

That’s all for today  🙂

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