[Talk] How Often Do You Eat Out?


Louise is curious about why her friend Shelly eats out very often….

男底色 How often do you eat out, Shelly?

女底色  Well, very often. I eat out almost five times a week.

男底色  Wow, I really envy you.

女底色  Don’t envy me. It’s for business. In fact, I’m sick and tired of restaurant food. Sometimes I just want a home-cooked meal.

Hey guys, do you prefer home-cooked meal or dine in a restaurant? Why? Share with me in the comment!

50 thoughts on “[Talk] How Often Do You Eat Out?”

      1. This is such a dog food it is reliable that a dog can eat dog’s food it is such a non- vegetarian food.

    1. I always eat out if I have a lot of homework.
      And since I went faraway from home to collage. I don’t have time for cooking at home

  1. With good ingredients we cook food at home In restaurant they don’t care much There by we may get disorders in body

    1. I often eat out whenever i have leisure time then definiately go out side with my friend’s along with family for a dinner and enjoy as well

  2. Well, i prefer eat at my home due to it’s more healthy and cheaper. But i can’t deny that we have to once or twice in a month enjoy cuisines in the restaurant. That’s my point of view 😀

  3. I opine that the homemade food is always better than restaurant because the domestic food is more healthy and we can enjoy it with our whole family member,Thankyou

  4. It’s better if you know cooking or your maid has to prepare the items you love-in my case my maid can’t prepare the items-my late mom prepared-but she kinda cooks- maybe it my mistake that didn’t expect a contingency-am single-mom,dad passed away-only memories and similar persons remain-my fate.

  5. From my perspective, I think home made food is good and nutritious, but if one wants to eat something very delicious ,I think restaurant food is the best alternative

  6. I would like to prefer home cooked food because it is healthy and good it’s good for our health to prefer home made food …
    In a week one or two day is enough for eat restaurant food

    1. I also prefer home cooked food. Because there is to much costly restaurants food and unhealthy as compare to home cooked food.

  7. i prefer that when i have meeting in my work
    I think it’s a good time to talk with teammate out work with music so beautiful and positivity , all the time i made it by myself

  8. Yeah I prefer to home cooked food bcoz it is healthy & it’s good for our health.when we suffer from any disease , doctor also advise to take for home cooked meal

  9. I prefer home made food, and bring it everyday for lunch at my office. My concern about healthy, hygiene processed. Because You don’t know how people process the food before you eat. I doubt ..

  10. Cooking by ourself is more cheap and so powerfull. And i think if you eat then meal that you’ve cooked, you’ll feel it’s more yummy than buying some food in a restaurant

  11. I prefer home cooked meal.. my reason is , because cooking is one of my hobby. I can create some meal that i love the most. In fact, beside home cooked meal is healthy, it is cheaper too than restaurant food..

  12. In my case home cooked meal is good for health but when it come to taste restaurant food tastes good than home made one…

  13. Well i thik home made food is a delicious meal because i like eat food at home and in home we use fresh vegetables and good ingredients so that is reason behind my liking

  14. I prefer home cooked food because it is very healthy and tasty.some times I would like to go restaurant with friends and family .

  15. I am a very good at cooking as I can make many types of new dishes at my homes. I like home made food 🍔🍔😋🍔😋😋😋🍞 made by me 😋😋😁😄☺😊😂😅😀😃😆

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