First, here is the answer to the last [Listening] episode.

The impact of  exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance

Polluted air may impede cognitive ability as people become older.”

I guess many of you got the correct answers!

Here comes the practice for today. Please LISTEN PATIENTLY. And the question goes to two words I have blanked in the script below.


Few of us can fill up the tank without buying a few snacks, cigarettes,soft drinks or other items we can live without. I deserve it.

That’s what hard working men and women say to ???(one word missing) their lavish vacations, big stereo systems or regular restaurant meals. They do deserve such indulgences. However, they also deserve a home of their own–a secure retirement and freedom from worrying about unpaid bills.

No one should have to live with what a Texas mother described as constant stress,tension, even fear about money. Sadly the pleasure that comes from extravagances often disappears long before the bills do. The video camera that one single mother bought for a special ???(one word missing), for example, is not much fun now. She’s figured out that it will take her another three years to pay it off at $30 a month.

And the New Yorkers who spent a bundle on an outdoor hot tub now admit they rarely use it, because we can’t afford to heat it in winter. The solution set priorities add up the annual cost of each item. Then consider what else you can buy with the same money.

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