Mary and Joe are international students in San Francisco. Here’s their short conversation when they encounter outside the classroom.


女底色 Tell me about yourself. How long have you lived in San Francisco?

男底色  I’ve lived here for about four years. How about you?

女底色  I haven’t been here as long as you. I arrived two years ago.

男底色  A lot has changed in my neighborhood since I got here.

女底色  How long have you been attending classes at this school?

男底色  I’ve been studying English for the last two years.

女底色  I started studying English a week after I got here.

男底色  How do you feel about your progress?

女底色  I feel pretty good about it. I’ve learned a lot in the last six months.

男底色  I haven’t been able to come to class every day.

女底色  Neither have I. My work schedule changes every month.

男底色 I didn’t know a word of English when I first got here.

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