New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a fashion exhibition when international fashion collections are showcased to the press, buyers, and the public. The event is held in February and September of every year and lasts approximately 7-9 days. It’s one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world along with Milan, London, and Paris.

5 Fashion Terms To Know

In light of this event, here are five fashion terms you should know for this year’s New York Fashion Week.

Signature Bag (n.)

A signature bag is a status symbol. It’s a handbag that has the logo, initials, or signature of a prestigious designer or company.

This is often strategically placed so it is visible. For example, the fabric may be embroidered with the logo, initials, etc. An example of a brand who does this is Louis Vuitton.

It may also be a keychain securely fastened onto the bag strap. Michael Kors is an example who utilizes this technique.

signature bag

Here are four sample sentences using “signature bag.”

  1. She got a signature bag for her birthday.
  2. The signature bag was given to her by her parents.
  3. She was never fond of signature bags.
  4. So, her older sister began to use the signature bag instead.

Tie Dye (v.) (n.)

Tie dye is a method of decorating fabric or piece of clothing. First, string or other material is tied around preselected areas to prevent the dye from being absorbed. The unprotected areas will take up the dye.

It is also possible to get multicolour effects with tie-dye. By tying fabric in other areas and dipping them in another colour, the process can be continuously repeated to achieve the desired effect.

tie dye

When used as a verb, tie-dye is described as a method. Below are four sample sentences using “tie-dye” as a verb.

  1. Tie-dying is a fun activity for all ages.
  2. This garment is tie-dyed with coloured inks.
  3. For her birthday party, her guests bought white shirts to tie-dye.
  4. To make her clothing more colourful, she decided to tie-dye it.

When used as a noun, the tie-dye has already been applied. In other words, the method has already been done. Below are four sample sentences using “tie-dye” as a noun.

  1. There were many vendors selling tie-dyes.
  2. The company decided to sell tie-dyes as it has become a trend.
  3. Tie-dyes are great to brighten up plain shirts.
  4. She gave her friend a tie-dyed piece of garment.

Messenger Bag (n.)

A messenger bag usually has a zippered large central compartment. A flap folds down over the front and closes with a snap or a buckle. Messenger bags are usually worn diagonally.

messenger bag

Here are four sample sentences using “messenger bag.”

  1. She got a messenger bag from her older sister for Christmas.
  2. Everyone envied her messenger bag.
  3. Since her messenger bag is white, she decided to tye-dye it.
  4. After, her messenger bag became more colourful.

Pagoda Sleeve (n.)

A sleeve that is narrow at the top but flares out to become wide at the bottom. The upper portion fits snugly around the arm while the bottom is extremely loose. The pagoda sleeve is shaped like a pagoda which is where the name is derived from. Since the shape is also similar to a funnel, it can also be called a funnel sleeve.

pagoda sleeve

Here are four sample sentences using “pagoda sleeve.”

  1. Her blouse had pagoda sleeves which made it look really cool.
  2. In the past, the pagoda sleeve was on gowns and other elegant dresses.
  3. In the 1850s to the mid-1860s, the pagoda sleeve was narrower at the shoulder.
  4. Pagoda sleeves were also called the bell sleeve.

Spangles (n.)

Spangles are small, flat, and circular ornaments that are usually made out of metallicized plastic, metal, or other light-reflecting materials. Their function is to add some flare to apparel and accessories. Spangles are two dimensional and can be overlapped to make linear patterns.

spangles fashion

Here are four sample sentences using “spangles.”

  1. Spangles are now more commonly known as sequins.
  2. The most common spangle was the flat, circular disk.
  3. Spangles are used to decorate men and women’s clothing.
  4. Spangles shimmer.

Will You Be Watching New York Fashion Week?

As New York Fashion Week kicks off, we’d like to know if you have a favourite fashion trend? Or, is there a specific type of clothing you like to wear?