[Talk] Planting Flowers!


John and his wife just moved into their new home, and there’s a lot to do…

女底色 Didn’t you say you were going to build a bookshelf?

男底色 Yes, I remember thinking about it last weekend.

女底色 You haven’t built it yet.

男底色  I know. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I will.

女底色  When do you think you might do it?

男底色  I just haven’t had the time. I’ve been at work too much. By the time I get home, I’m exhausted.

女底色 After we build the shelves, it would be nice to plant flowers.

男底色 Where would we plant flowers? The front yard is concrete.

女底色 But there’s dirt under the concrete. We just have to break the concrete.

男底色 That’s really difficult. I don’t have the energy to do it.

女底色 It’s no problem, really. The concrete is probably thin.

男底色 Probably thin you say. But you don’t know for sure.

Are you fond of flowers? Do you have some at your home?

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20 thoughts on “[Talk] Planting Flowers!”

  1. I am very much fond of flowers. I planted rose, jasmine and various flower’s plants. Beside flowers, I also planted pomegranate, lemon plants as well. It’s seems really so amazing having plants around home. It feels so rejuvenating and joyful.

  2. Yes
    I have fond of flowers
    And flowers plant are more at my house.
    Summer Snapdragon are and Rose are also
    Wind flower, Convolvulus are

  3. I’d like to plant some flowers if I have my own home someday, their colors are joyful and satisfy my sight as well.

  4. I prefer planting vegetables than flowers. Planting vegetables gives me very complete experiences. Also i can cook them when I need to cook it and eat it. It absolutely healthier than i if i buy it from market.

  5. Yeah i love to do planting flowers. Gardening makes me happy. I’ve also small garden in in which many palnts . We just love to do so. Every body should grow plants not because i m saying or everybody says rather they will feel better and happy when they will do planting

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