Lilian’s aunt is coming next week, but she seems a little bit worried…

女底色 I have a problem. My aunt Sophie will be visiting me next month.

男底色 Why is that a problem? She’s your favorite aunt.

女底色 I don’t have any space in my apartment to put her up.

男底色 Why can’t she sleep in your guest room?

女底色 Have you seen my guest room lately? It’s full of junk.

男底色 You should have a garage sale to get rid of that junk. Have you ever held a garage sale?

女底色 No, I’ve never held one. I don’t know how to do it.

男底色 For one thing, you have to advertise.

女底色 After I put an ad in the paper, then what do I do?

男底色 Make some posters and put them up on phone poles near your building.

女底色 Then a lot of people will come to my garage sale.

男底色 Exactly!

That’s all for today! See you!