Hey guys, how’s it going recently?

Today I have this quote for you guys, which is my favorite. When you are at the crossroads of your life, it is easy to be panicking about the future. What will the future be like? How am I going to go through all the challenges? How can I get rid of peer pressure?

Questions like these once haunted me for a long time, and one day, I woke up and said to myself: what’s the point? Panicking won’t help make things easier for me, and I would waste tons of time by that. So stop it! The best way to predict the future is to create it. What I need to do is to improve myself, and the future puzzle would sort itself out.

Today we are gonna look at a few expressions related to future and time. Ready?

1.time is on your side

When you have time on your side or when time is on your side, you have more than enough time to do what is required.

e.g. The client has asked for a detailed sales analysis but fortunately time is on our side as they don’t need it until next month. for a rainy day

This idiom means to save money for some unknown or unexpected event in the future, which is a good habit, agree?

Is it a custom to save for a rainy day in your country?

e.g. I make an effort to save for a rainy day by putting aside a little each month.

3.time will tell

People use this phrase to say that a situation is currently uncertain, but in the future it will become clear.

For example, if you are discussing whether or not the country’s new president is good, you could say “time will tell” to express that the answer will be revealed over the coming months/years.

4.sooner or later

This expression is used to say that something will DEFINITELY happen sometime in the future (it may be soon, or it may be far in the future.)

That’s all for today!

If you resonate with me on panicking about the future(if you had similar feeling or experience before), leave a comment to share your experience with me! C U~