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You see, there’s nothing Americans don’t talk about. In truth, this extraordinary level of openness I find here is a relief, but it also feels a little like a loss. I ???(one word missing) that openness beats secrecy and that taboos should be challenged. It’s just that I don’t always want to dive right in.

Time and energy are resources, and New Yorkers never have enough of either because of capitalism and self-absorption. Besides, believing and acting on this no-nonsense “who exactly are you?” school of conversation neglects the fact that small talk, when done correctly, is actually an extremely efficient way of getting acquainted with people.

You may not find out where they work, or who they know, or how their relationship is with their family, but you’ll get some idea of that odd-shaped part of a human being that’s invisible to the eye and impossible to articulate. Are they kind, hurting, silly or bad? Some ???(one word missing) of all of those? You can find out, if you ask them about the party food, or tell them about your blouse, or bring up the oddly cloudless sky outside, and simply take it from there.

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