[Listening] That Means We Can Relax!


Hey guys, answer first:

struggle with

I would like to say a few more on “struggle with”. It means to have difficulty in doing something, and sometimes it means that people do not have the ability of achieving something(just imply it).

Okay, let’s get started with today’s audio!

At the beginning of a three-hour train trip to Cork from Dublin, I spend an average of 15 minutes comfortably discussing the merits of having a cafe car on the train with the middle-aged man beside me. I suppose, if you’re peckish, it’s ideal, really. A nice pause. But the tea costs more than my ticket. Eyes widen and head nods in agreement. But you can’t dip chocolate in your ticket. A chuckle.

What the seemingly meaningless exchange means is we can relax. The person we’re inches away from for the afternoon is not dangerous. At the end of the trip we’ll nod and smile, and I won’t be left wondering why his father said that one thing in 1994 that meant he never had the confidence to pursue ???(three words missing) architecture.

Are people in your place good at small talk?

Write a comment and share with me! (along with the three words you heard!)

21 thoughts on “[Listening] That Means We Can Relax!”

  1. 3 missing words were- a career in

    Yes there are some socialized people who believe in short talks,even with an odd person.
    Infact most of the seniors love to vast thier relations.

  2. A career in

    Yes definitely, in my country most people are so friendly and sometimes give smile for each other even they’ve never meet before

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