[Listening] Americans and Small Talk


Hi there! It’s Monday again. First of all, answer of our last practice:

adulthood and writing.

Got it?

This week we are gonna listen to a new article on small talk. Small talk is an informal type of conversation that does not cover any functional topics. And it is regarded as a powerful social tool. However, Americans are not so good at small talks. Let’s listen to the audio and check it out!

In the four years I’ve lived in the United States, I have grown used to excruciatingly sincere exchanges with people. Within minutes of meeting you, they’ll come up with the heavy goods, and expect to see yours in return. Recent specimens I’ve collected? “I guess what I’m afraid of is that my husband is bored of me”. Oh, and this one: “Also, in case you’re wondering what that sound is, I have digestion issues”.

Americans are good at a great many things: normalizing drone warfare, making cherry-flavored jellies taste more like cherries than cherries themselves, optimism. But they ???(two words missing) small talk. In Ireland, small talk is just that — I mean, it’s tiny.

Interested in what a tiny small talk is like? Tomorrow you’ll know.

Got the two missing words? Share with me!

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  1. As ago you send about some English songs but yet their ain’t any post like that you should again start them and (learn with English movies) also
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