115 thoughts on “[Fun Time] How Do You Tell Someone…”

    1. Its useful…just when you get the word in the background don’t ignore it rather try to understand it’s meaning Nd how to pronounce it…it will surely help you

    1. PPlease listen me my dear.. For speak frequently English you have to need of more and more practice.
      . But it is not difficult you can do it eassly.
      Read story any book .And try to explain in front of mirror or your friend.
      Its very beneficial for you.

      If u have any queries then you can contact me .

    1. See there’s no easy or difficult way to learn English…if u really want to.learn it then surely you will…start from beginning by learning and understanding new words which r easy to pronounce and understand…read a lot …read newspaper , dictionaries,magazines ,etc …it will surely help you

    1. Yup for sure…if you read out a magazine or anything else and u get stuck in the middle because of a word of which you do not no the meaning..then please don’t go and Google and search.. though it will save time..but if you use dictionary while finding out the meaning you will learn the new words which you don’t even know…where as Google will just show you the meaning of that word

      1. Can you talk to me in english ? That would help me alot.. you can add me on Instagram it’s hemantgoel49.

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