[Phrases] Music!


Who doesn’t love music?

I mean, there are various types of music, from classical to pop music, from jazz to blues… The list goes on and on. There must be one type that you love. Naturally, we have tons of expressions related to music. Today we are gonna have a look.

Let’s get started!

1. It’s all that jazz

It’s another way of saying “and all that stuff”. It’s a slang way of saying something without telling the whole thing, because telling the whole thing would be boring and monotonous.

e.g. I went into the supermarket, and there were lots of vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, and all that jazz.

2.ring a bell

To seem familiar, remind one of something, or stimulate an incomplete or indistinct memory.

Here is an example:

Harry Bertram? That name rings a bell, but I’m not sure if it was definitely him.


  •  It reminds you of something.
  •  But you can’t remember the exact details.

3.change one’s tune

To change your opinion completely, especially because you know it will bring you an advantage:

He was against the idea at first, but he soon changed his tune when he realized how much money he’d get.

That’s all for today!

Are U a fan of music? What kind of music is your favorite? Share with me in the comment!

29 thoughts on “[Phrases] Music!”

  1. Yes , I love music .. I love all its types but the emotional and romantic ones are my favourite .. and some rocking music too.. my day starts and end with music ..

    1. Hy l love music especially fok pakistani music the lyrics of fok music are very sweet and touching so when me and myself wants to take some rest we hear fok pakistani music.

  2. Yeap,music is my life,it always relieves me from stresd,i like all types of music,mostly the english musics

  3. I think you should search ‘weird genius’ on youtube or google. That is edm’s band, their music so fantastic with their edm.

  4. I can’t choose a particular music …….bcz I love all types of music I always feel relaxed ….so I love music

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