Rosie overslept because her alarm clock didn’t go off this morning…

女底色  Sorry, I overslept. My clock didn’t go off this morning.

男底色  Again?

女底色 That’s right, even though I did set the alarm last night.

男底色 Your clock never works. Perhaps you should buy a new one.

女底色 Well, if it breaks down again tomorrow, I’ll definitely buy a new one.

男底色 Maybe by then it’ll be too late.

女底色 What do you mean “too late”?

男底色 By that time you’ll be fired.


I’m sure Rosie won’t oversleep or be late next time.

Do you think it is necessary to be punctual (to be on time) for most of the time?

Some people would be late on purpose in order to show their prominence. What’s your opinion?

Share your thoughts with me!