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Regardless if you’re on Android or iOS, we’ve provided a list of solutions to technical problems some of our users have been facing. We’ve also highlighted key differences between Android and iOS.

If you cannot find your answer, feel free to drop us a message at or through Facebook and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please provide language, phone version and type, and be as detailed as possible with your concern. Thank you for your continuous support!

Android: 3.6.2 version

There is online voice translation for Android devices. You must say the sentence or word in English to get it translated to the local language.

Tap any word in the content to get a definition. Only English words can be translated into the local language and not vice versa.

No pronunciation settings. Can’t adjust speed or gender but choosing between British and American still available.

Has Lock screen function. On the lock screen there is a function where you can enable and disable features.

Has a search bar & instant lookup.

Can favourite words. To favourite words, press the star icon at the bottom right. If your interface language is in Arabic, it will be on the bottom left.

iOS: 2.0.0 version

If you are online or have the offline package downloaded, there’s voice translation.

Only words in blue are clickable.

Have pronunciation settings. You can change the pronounciation settings to either American or British. This function is also available offline.

No lock screen function, copy-to-translate, and quick translation due to iOS database limitations. We are working on the speech translation. Also, quick search in translation and voice translation will happen in the future.

Currently, iOS cannot favourite words.

I have a problem with using the copy-to-translate function on Android. What’s wrong?

  1. Did you force close our app by using a third party app? For example, “Allow backend operation on Android” interferes with U-Dictionary’s interface.
  2. Have you disabled “copy to translate” function? Check your settings to make sure it’s enabled.
  3. If the problem persists, then it’s because of another app per se is banning this feature.

There’s no definition on my lock screen!

If no definition is showing up on your lock screen, try the following:

1. Click your screen

2. Check your network

3. Have you downloaded the offline package? If you don’t have the offline package, you must download it to see the definition when you don’t have good network service.

There’s no definition/the definition is wrong when I look up a definition!

If no definition is showing or if the definition is inaccurate, try the following:

  1. Check your network
  2. Have you downloaded the offline package? If you don’t have the offline package, you must download it to see the definition when you don’t have good network service.
  3. If the problem persists, email us your language, phone version number, equipment, and other details. Be as specific as possible with your issue. 

I was using the APP and it suddenly crashed. Why?

Check your storage. For U-Dictionary to run properly, your phone has to have sufficient space. Try optimizing your phone. Another solution is to update to the latest version.

I noticed some definitions are inaccurate. Why?

We strive to provide accurate definitions to our users, so we are doing everything we can to ensure accuracy. If there are serious mistakes, please email us with a screenshot and tell us your language and we will ensure you get an answer to your problem.

Why is there no translation between different languages?

Our development team is making translations between languages coming in the near future. We are planning for the next quarter.

Why does U-Dictionary have so many ads?

Unfortunately, for U-Dictionary to be free, there have to be ads or there will be no income source to help us continue to optimize definitions and provide quality content for you. We hope you can understand our situation.

How many users does U-Dictionary have?

We have more than 20+ million users.

Look forward to your reply!

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    There is no specific setting like android have

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  • I can’t lock in my phone after i accidently on the’ talked back’.. help me plss.. i can’t even turn off my phone

  • Automatically changes in native language setting. Every time require to set the language which we want to translate

  • My magic feature is not working on bullets table and big texts
    English to Hindi

  • Voice translate from look screen words is disappear automatically. Please tell how to fix this?

  • How to change colour I changed colour but I don’t like. So that we won’t to original colour pl Tel me solution

  • Hi good evening sir my mobile phone screen lock is unable to un lock when I install u dictionary

  • Copy to translate is not worki on redmi 4a until i opened the app in background but when i opened, it works …why? Because in my previous handset it works properly without opening the app in background.

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