Talk: Sleep Deprived


男底色.png You look a bit grumpy today. 

女底色.png Do I? I think it’s because I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.

男底色.png I see. Have you tried warm milk before bed? It usually helps me sleep better. 

女底色.png Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I’ve tried it. I think I tried everything, and nothing has been helping me sleep better.

男底色.png You might be too stressed or have something on your mind. 

女底色.png Yes, I think you’re right. I need a day off. 

男底色.png I thought you will be going on vacation next week with your family.

女底色.png Actually, it’s not really much of a vacation. We are attending my brother’s wedding next week, and a bunch of relatives will be there.

男底色.png I take it that you are either not fond of weddings or not fond of crowds. 

女底色.png It’s both. Now I think I know the reason why I haven’t been sleeping well.


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