Talk: Dealing With Stress

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男底色.png You don’t look so well. Is something wrong?

女底色.png I’ve been feeling quite stressed lately.

男底色.png I see. Is there anything I can help with?

女底色.pngActually, I wanted to ask you how you normally deal with stress. You always seem so calm in nerve-racking situations.

男底色.pngThere are many ways I deal with stress. I usually try to keep a clear mind so I can properly prioritize. Then I get started with what needs to get done. 

女底色.png So you try to keep your emotions at bay first?

男底色.png Yes, getting too emotional will only cause more problems, and it will also stress you out more.

女底色.png Yes, I agree. I have a bad habit of getting too emotional during stressful situations. 

男底色.pngIt does take time.  I hope everything goes well with whatever you’re dealing with.

女底色.png Thank you.


136 thoughts on “Talk: Dealing With Stress”

    1. Stress is the worst kind of act which makes the mind to go in different direction and zone.

  1. Stress is kind of insecurity or worrying about something, we cant fulfill your priorities automatically u depressed

  2. It is something like illusion which we give to our self everything that is happen to us is created by us if we feel happy that is feeling which we created for our self and if we feel worse that is opposite feeling which we can get for our health.

  3. To be calm it’s a blessing of Allah when u believe it’s my destiny and I should do well

  4. Stress Is the kind of insecurity and cant fn …n most imprtnt that time …was like more conscience …what Could be done or not…that time we didn’t fnd actual answer other ways solution ….

  5. In my view whenever we wanted to do something best but unfortunately they don’t have done. In this situation we got depressed and our mind don’t work properly due to which we are anable to do that work in which we are perfect. So , we have to calm down in these types of stresses. Sometimes people get suicide but this is not our last option to get removed stressing….

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