Talk: Coming In Late

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女底色.png You’re late again.

男底色.png I’m sorry. It won’t happen next week.

女底色.png You’ve been tardy for the past two weeks. It’s not only affecting your work performance but also your credibility. 

男底色.png Yes, I’m sorry. I promise to not be late on Monday. 

女底色.png Is there something I should be concerned about?

男底色.png My car is in for repairs. So, I have been biking to work from the train station. Over the last week, I’ve been testing new routes to see which gets to the office faster.

女底色.png There is a new bus route opening near the office over the weekend. I heard it is supposed to be more convenient than the last one. Let me look it up for you during the lunch break. 

男底色.png I heard of that one too and have already looked up the route yesterday. While it stops right behind the office, I have to do a lot of bus transfers from my home. It also doesn’t stop near the train station.

女底色.png I see. This is a rather difficult situation you’re in.

男底色.png I apologize again for being late this past week. I will be more diligent next week for sure.

女底色.png I hope you find a convenient commuting route over the weekend. 

男底色.png Yes, thank you.

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