Talk: Which Dress Should I Choose?


女底色.png Oh, dear! Which dress should I choose? I can’t make up my mind. Please help me.

男底色.png You know I don’t know anything about fashion.

女底色.png Which dress do you like best?

男底色.png Well, they are both all right.

女底色.png Only all right?

男底色.png Oh, no. I mean you look very nice in both of them.

女底色.png Mike, that’s no help to me at all. I can’t wear both of them at the same time. I want a decision.

男底色.png But after all, it is your decision, not mine.

女底色.png Oh, yes. The green dress is very smart. but I can’t be sure if it goes with a hat.

男底色.png You are not wearing a hat, are you?

女底色.png I was going to…

男底色.png But I am sure no one wears a hat these days.

女底色.png No, I suppose they don’t , but in a smart society.

男底色.png I honestly don’t know. Do you think I should wear a suit?

女底色.png I would have thought so.

男底色.png But surely with this summer weather, a sports coat will be all right.

女底色.png But that sport coat is such allowed check. I don’t think it will do for such a occasion.

男底色.png No, perhaps not.

女底色.png Oh, I feel like such a model.

男底色.png So do I. Perhaps we should just wear what we want to. A lot of people do these days. Or perhaps the answer is not to go at all.

女底色.png You mean rather than make fools of ourselves. I do feel terribly tired.

男底色.png But then again, you did want to go.

女底色.png Yes and I would regret missing it. I wish you were decisive husband instead of floundering.








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