Talk: I Hope You’ll Like Your Job


女底色.png Good morning. So this is the first day for you to work here, I hope you’ll like your job.

男底色.png Good morning, Ms.Wilson. I’ve got a lot to learn from you. I think I’ll enjoy working with you .

女底色.png I hope so. Now let me tell you your duties here. This is your desk. Please sit down.

男底色.png Thank you.

女底色.png Your main duty is to answer the phone calls and transfer them to the person wanted.

男底色.png I see. What if the person wanted is out?

女底色.png In that case, you are supposed to ask the caller to leave a message.

男底色.png Is there anything else I should do ?

女底色.png Yes, you are responsible for keeping all files in order.

男底色.png All right.

女底色.png If you have any questions. I will help you.

男底色.png Thank you.








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