Talk: How’s Your Son These Days?


女底色.png What’s the life expectancy in your country?

男底色.png I’m not sure, but probably about 75 years. How about in your country?

女底色.png About 70, I think. This newspaper article talks about the problems of an aging population. It’s a problem that will soon affect most of the world.

男底色.png I heard that the government might need to increase the retirement age, because otherwise there will not be enough workers to support the young and the elderly.

女底色.png Perhaps we need to have more babies! Tina gave birth to a baby boy yesterday.

男底色.png Did she? That’s great. However, if we have too many children, that will have a bad effect on the environment.

女底色.png How’s your son these days?

男底色.png Oh, he’s fine. Kids seem to grow up very quickly nowadays.

女底色.png He’ll be a teenager before you know it! Teenagers are often rebellious! When do you think it is a good age to have a child?

男底色.png I had mine when I was 24. That’s a little young. I’d suggest you wait until you are in your late twenties, or even in your early thirties if you have a good career.

女底色.png Yes, I think you’re right. I’m thinking about having a child, but not just yet.

男底色.png Is there a big generation gap between parents and their children in you country?

女底色.png Yes, there is. Teenagers do not want to live traditional lives. They want to go out, have fun, and explore the world. They want to develop their own view of life. Parents usually try to discourage them, but they don’t often succeed.

男底色.png Parents usually give their children more freedom in my country. Sometimes they give them too much freedom.

女底色.pngIt’s almost impossible to get the right balance. If you are too strict, kids might ignore you. If you are too lenient, they might go wild.








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