Talk: How Long Have You Know Jack?


女底色.png So how long have you know Jack?

男底色.png We go way back. We’ve known each other since we were toddlers.

女底色.png Really? You guys must be really tight.

男底色.png Yeah, We’re buddy-buddy still.

女底色.png He seems sincere, and trustworthy.

男底色.png Well, he is, but he can be conniving at times.

女底色.png What do you mean?

男底色.png Well, I know that he would never stab me in the back. But I’ve seen him double cross other people.

女底色.png Oh, my! Really? I never thought he would be like that.

男底色.png Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s like that all the time.

女底色.png So, can I trust him or what?

男底色.png Well, I think you should decide for yourself.

女底色.png But I need someone that I can count on for this job.

男底色.png Okay, Okay. You can trust him. I was just trying to give you a hard time.

女底色.png Come on you’re confusing me. Give it to me straight.

男底色.png Actually, he’s the most dependable person I know, and he would never turn on anyone.








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