Learn English Sentences Everyday [nutrition]

1. Back in the days, the world suffered from instances of food-related issues such as shortage, sanitation, and nutritional content.

2. Today, with the numerous advances in related fields of technology, most if not all, of these problems are just a memory of the past.

3. Many claim, in particular, that the foods we consume today are of a much higher quality, thereby making them healthier to eat. But is this certainly the case?

4. The last time I checked, there were lots of fast food chains sprawling in our cities and even in some suburban areas.

5. In these places are common sights of obese children and other unhealthy-looking consumers. It does not stop here.

6. The situation gets worse. Remember the time that the price of staple food like rice was sky-high because of limited supply?

7. Well, that’s not the case now. However, there were news reports showing that most of these food supplies, though plentiful, lack the necessary nutritional content.

8. Certain varieties were even proven to be harmful instead. Does the term Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) ring a bell? In spite of our efforts to produce agricultural products with higher yield, the main concern seems to be this. Are we really eating healthier food now?

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