Talk: How Do You Think People Get Their Personalities?


女底色.png How do you think people get their personalities?

男底色.png I think it’s mainly from the environment a person lives it.

女底色.png Don’t you think people get their personalities from their parents?

男底色.png No, but parents control a lot of the environment that kids grow up in, so they certainly influence their kid’s personalities a lot.

女底色.png So why do you think many kids have personalities that are so different to their parents?

男底色.png Maybe when they become teenagers, they want to be completely different to their parents.

女底色.png You might be right. I guess most parents want their kids to be like them, but kids today grow up in a different environment. You know, they know much more about the world from the internet, newspapers, and TV.

男底色.png Do you think that teenagers get a lot of their bad behaviour from TV and movies?

女底色.png Maybe some of it. I think a lot of people blame TV and movies when the real problem is that the parents aren’t bringing their child up correctly.

男底色.png Parents have a difficult job. They have to bring up their children and usually have to work too.

女底色.png Yes, that’s true. Your son is doing well at school, isn’t he?

男底色.png Yes, he is. He’s very hardworking when he’s at school. Then he comes home from school and does his homework before dinner. After dinner, he goes out with his friends.

女底色.png So, he’s not a bookworm? It’s good that he has an outgoing personality. Some kids are very quiet and introverted. You wonder how they’ll survive in the real world without their parents to support them.








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