Talk: Which Part of the Body Do You Find Attractive?

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女底色.png I hate it when footballers spit on the football pitch during a game. It’s disgusting. I wonder why they do it?

男底色.png I’ve no idea, but spitting is common in many countries.

女底色.png Isn’t impolite and unsanitary?

男底色.png It’s certainly unsanitary. There are many customs in other countries that may seem strange to us. For example, in Thailand, you should never touch someone on the head.

女底色.png Interesting. I know that in some countries, you shouldn’t blow your noise in front of other people.

男底色.png I think that’s a good custom. I hate it when people do that.

女底色.png A common habit that I hate is chewing with your mouth open. Luckily, adults rarely do it. It seems that kids grow out of it.

男底色.png Do you often scratch your head when you are thinking?

女底色.png Yes, I do. I wonder why people do that? Oh look, I’m doing it now!

男底色.png I rub my chin when I’m thinking. My mother scratches her nose.

女底色.png I’ve got a question for you. Which part of the body do you find most attractive.

男底色.png Oh, the eyes-definitely. I really think you can tell a lot about a person’s personality from their eyes.

女底色.png I agree. Which part of the body do you find least attractive?

男底色.png The feet! Why are people’s feet so ugly?

女底色.png I don’t know, but according to this magazine survey, most people agree with you that the feet are the most unattractive part of the body and that eyes are the most attractive.

男底色.png Really? What else does the survey say?







Look forward to your reply!

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  • This is right i also think that eyes are most beautiful part of a person tells everything about a person without taking any action !!

    • You should have first changed your behaviour.means your way of talking, your etiquette

  • Not only eyes, hair also some time attractive part of a body 😊

  • Yes I am also agree…it’s the most attractive part of the body…an eyes can tell everything about the person…some people fall in love with just a contact…😄

  • Yes,I agree that eyes is very important thing in a person for attraction.

  • Ofcourse no doubt that eyes are the most interesting part of our body nd feet are the least…but all parts r important..

  • Definitely eyes r most important part of a body bec we can see all thing which is present in this gorgeous world.without eye we can not look anywhere.eyes one of the most important part of the body which body looks beautiful

  • It depend on the taste of the person..
    Some 1 likes hair..
    Some 1 eyes..
    Some 1 goes for the personality.
    It varies from person to person

  • According to me Eyes are the most attractive part of the Body.But Some people think that other parts of the body could attractive.

  • Well!
    It is interesting to read the talks between these people.

  • Have many parts like face, lip, hair, eye etc, are more attractive

  • If we don’t have eyes then we unable to see our own eyes… And also other people’s eyes and we also unable to tell that eyes are so beautiful and important part of our body….

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