Learn English Sentences Everyday [friends]

1. Making friends are indispensable in everyone’s life. There is no denying the fact that intelligence and humor are two vital characters of a good friend.
2. Some people, however, may claim that it is better to make friends with intelligent people than with people who have a good sense of humor.
3. Intelligent friends often enlighten us and teach us something useful that is benefit for our life and career. It means that we will be influenced by intelligent people and inclined to gain some characters from them.
4. Most importantly, intelligent friends also have a proper goal. They manage their time for their goal, implementing it and complementing themselves, so they have a relatively high probability to success in their life.
5. Staying long with a friend who is intelligent like this, we will be intelligent gradually too. We can learn a lot of wholesome things from them, but a friend who has a good sense of humor just can brings us jokes.
6. Furthermore, an intelligent friend helps us more when we are in trouble. Compared with the humorous friends, an intelligent people think more about the problem in a rational way.
7. Useful suggestions and help from them will of much more importance to resolve the trouble we meet.
8. Nevertheless, a humorous friend is also beneficial to us. We will have fun and happiness when we stay with them, which probable leads a high efficiency in our work and study.

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  • I disagree at point number 6, many intelligent friend are just selfish and bad eq

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