Learn English Sentences Everyday [choice]

1. If I had enough money to purchase either a house or a business, I would choose a business. A house is attractive to me, for it may bring me shelter and comforts. However, I like a business better, because a business offers me much more.

2. A business is a challenge for me. I like to embrace new challenges which, I believe, are good opportunities to develop and exhibit my abilities.

3. I admire Bill Gates, not only for his talent, but also for his courage. I am confident of my capability; still, I need real opportunity to test it.

4. No matter if it is success or failure that I will have to face, it is a new experience for me. After all, real satisfaction is in the traveling, not arriving.

5. I have learned a lot from books, but I don’t have enough experience. Therefore, learning by doing is my ideal,and running a business can help me fulfill it. I can hone my abilities during this process, and become more and more mature at the same time.

6. A house may satisfy my immediate needs, while a business may bring me long-term satisfaction. If I have a house, I will have a place to live, feeling warm and sheltered. There is almost no further benefits.

7. By contrast, a business has more potential for losses or gains. If I am really as capable as I have expected, it will probably be gains. Even the potential itself is exciting enough for me.

8. According to Maslow’s needs hierarchy, housing is a basic need, while running a business of my own and for myself, belongs to the needs of self-actualization, the highest one. Many people can satisfy their basic needs, but only a small number can reach the highest level.

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