Talk: Honesty Is Important When Making Friends


女底色.png What kind of qualities do you look for in your friends?

男底色.png I like people who are open and friendly. Those people are usually more active and fun to be with. I like spending time with my friends. We go to bars together or play sports together.

女底色.png I don’t like to make friends with people who aren’t honest. Honesty is very important to me.

男底色.png I think it’s important to most people. The problem is that you can usually only find out if someone is honest by getting to know them.

女底色.png You can find out from their friends.

男底色.png If you know any of their friends. You can’t rely on your friends to introduce people to you all the time. You have to go out and make the first move sometimes. I also like funny people.

女底色.png Oh, I don’t. they don’t seem to take anything seriously. You never know when they are joking and when they are being serious.

男底色.png Sometimes it can be hard to tell, but if you know the person fairly well, you can usually see from their expression what they are really thinking.

女底色.png It seems that we generally like different kinds of people. How is it that we are such good friends?

男底色.png Maybe people don’t like to have friends that are all same. Most people like a little variety in their lives-including a variety of characteristics in their friends.






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