Talk: We’d Like to Rent A Flat Near the University


女底色.png We’d like to rent a flat near the university.

男底色.png Are you looking for somewhere for two people?

女底色.png Yes, we are. obviously, we’d like something as cheap as possible. We’ve heard that there are places for 80 to 100 pounds a month.

男底色.png Yes, there are several place available in that price range near the university. Do you have any other requirements?

女底色.png Net really, no. We’d preferably like to live in a quiet street.

男底色.png How many rooms do you need in the flat?

女底色.png We’ll need two bedrooms. The kitchen and dining room can be seperated or combined.

男底色.png OK. I’ve got a list of place that fit your requirements. let’s just go through them. the first on the list costs 80 pounds a month, but it’s on a noisy street and it’s a little far from the university.

女底色.png How far away is it from the campus?

男底色.png It’s about two miles away. That might be a little far to walk. Here’s one that’s about half a mile from the campus. The cost is 100 pounds a month and it’s on a small street, just off a main street.

女底色.png That sounds ideal. Can we go to have a look at it? We’d like to see it before making a final decision.

男底色.png Of course. I’m not very busy at the moment. If you can wait for about 15 or 20 minutes. I can take you there.

女底色.png Thank you. That would be great.






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