Learn English Sentences Everyday [difference]

1. Success can be perceived and achieved in many different ways. Some people believe being different holds the key while others attribute success to finding common grounds.

2. The acquisition of knowledge is a matter of individuality. The best problem-solving method varies from person to person.

3. A strategy may work perfectly fine for one person, but would turn out to be counterproductive for another.

4. Take my roommate for instance. He is usually spotted rushing from library to laboratory, from classroom to tennis court, burning mid-night oil to hit books before finals, and end up with straight A’s through every semester.

5. Taking him as a role model, I started to follow suit. I signed up for various learning groups and it wasn’t long before I got more than I could handle on my plate and stretched myself too thin, eventually stressed out. It seems to me working around the clock may serve him well, but I’d suffer if I take it too far.

6. Here is no single way to success. When taking on a challenge, people who want to make a difference would think outside the box, trying out novel ideas and steering away from conventional routines.

7. As Steve Jobs once put it, innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower. Being different and creative gives you what it takes to lead the tide. This gives them an edge to rise above the unpredictables.

8. On the other hand, those who imitate and never bother to innovate are bound to be crowded out. For example, young people have a tendency to go abroad to widen their horizons. They believe such experience can cultivate critical thinking and offer different perspectives. So when you choose a path less traveled, you are more likely to stand out and outshine the ordinary.

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