Talk: I’d Like to Be Fitted for A Suit Please


女底色.png I’d like to be fitted for a suit please.

男底色.png Certainly. Have you decided which material you would like the suit to be made from? We have a selection of materials over here.

女底色.png Well, I thought that I would choose either this one or that one. I really want a dark blue suit. Which do you recommend?

男底色.png This material is a little expensive, but is of much higher quality.

女底色.png Yes. I can feel the difference in material. There’s not much difference in price. Ok, I’ll take the more expensive one.

男底色.png Fine. I’ll measure you for the suit…Shoulder…Waist…Inside leg…Forearm…Upper arm…Thank you. I’ll prepare the suit for you tomorrow. Could you come again the day after tomorrow just to check that the suit fits correctly? Then I will make the final suit within a few days.

女底色.png That’s fine. I would also like a few shirts and a jacket. I don’t need them specially made. Those shirts over there look very nice. Are they made of cotton?

男底色.png Yes, they are. How many would you like and of which color?

女底色.png I’ll take three light blue ones, please.

男底色.png Are you looking for a casual jacket or something formal?

女底色.png Just a casual one – a sport jacket. This one looks nice. I’ll just try it on… Yes, that’s fine. I’ll take it. Here’s my credit card.

男底色.png Thank you very much, sir. I’ll put the shirts and jacket into a bag for you.

女底色.png Thank you very much. I’ll see you the day after tomorrow.





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