Learn English Sentences Everyday [school]

1. Nowadays, to adapt to the increasing enrollment rate, universities choose to hire more professors to lectures students. Whether this measure is more effective compared with upgrading campus facilities has drawn a wide attention.

2. Admittedly, hiring famous professors may have certain benefits. Famous professors usually have more comprehensive and deeper understandings within professional areas, which provides students with introductory backgrounds and specific contents to figure out the theories in textbooks.

3. However, if viewed from a different angle, it also means students have too much to digest. Students might be intimidated by too much reading materials or abysmal jargons and fell reluctant to study.

4. In this case, cultivating students’ interests by experiments and other facilities could better improve students’ academic performance.

5. Initially, improvement in facilities can serve as a catalyst for increasing students’ interests. That is to say, advanced facilities make rigid knowledge vivid for students to understand.

6. For example, for engineering students, it is usually the case that the professor will bring students to the laboratory to demonstrate how the theories in books could be transformed into real circuit schematics.

7. Thanks to these teaching facilities, there is a higher chance that students could be impressed by the real demonstrations of experiments or softwares, luring them to act themselves.

8. On the contrary, famous professors might be leading experts in academics, but that does not necessarily ensure that their opinions could be fully delivered to students, which plays little roles for students’ s learning.

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