Learn English Sentences Everyday [child-care]

1. In modern society, the stressful workloads make parents busy with their work and distract them from taking good care of their children.

2. Under this circumstance, many parents turn to send their children either to child-care center where plenty of children are taken care of together. Meanwhile, some parents would choose to send their children to an individual caregiver so that they children could receive care.

3. Admittedly, an individual caregiver might seem to be better. The main reason why some parents choose individual caregivers is that they would give children more considerations due to the less children there.

4. They might feed the children themselves, rather than let the children eat themselves. They might help the children with their homework when the children meet some hard questions.

5. However, if viewed from a different angle, these activities might raise children’s dependence on others, especially these caregivers. To avoid the side effects, to send children to a child-care center would be more appropriate.

6. A child-care center could give children more security. In other words, the facility might be equipped with some specialized equipment to avoid children from being get hurt.

7. To protect the children from dangers, the center install some iron nets outside the window in case some children would fall down from the window. Most importantly, strangers are carefully checked if they want to get access to the center.

8. The security would ask about the name, occupation and even address so that dangerous people would not get into the center to harm these children. As a result, children could happily and securely play in the center.

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