Talk: What Do You Think of Fashion?


女底色.png Look at these clothes designed by top fashion designer like Versace, Calvin Klein, and Vivienne Westwood. What do you think of them?

男底色.png Well, they look lovely, but they’re not very practical. I mean, would you wear that dress to the office or walking down the street?

女底色.png I know what you mean. People would stare at you in amazement if you wore something like that in an everyday situation. I suppose only extravagant rich people wear them at cocktail parties.

男底色.png Maybe. I’m not sure why they have fashion shows like this. Hardly anyone will buy those clothes. The clothes you see are nothing like the ones that ordinary people wear. It seems like a waste of money.

女底色.png I think that the designers hold these fashion shows for a few reasons. First, it’s just like a big party. They can meet each other and network. The other thing is that it is great advertising. All the journalists and photographers are there. Thirdly, it give them a chance to show what they would like to see people wearing.

男底色.png You meant it’s an expression of their fantasies?

女底色.png Yes. I think the designers are saying that these clothes are what they would like to see people wear if those people weren’t concerned with what other people might think. In a way, the designers are saying ‘don’t worry about what others think. Wear what you like!’

男底色.png Very philosophical. I think they design these clothes more for publicity. They try to see who can be the most extreme and outrageous, but still stylish.

女底色.png Come on. All this fashion has reminded me that I want to buy some clothes.





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