Talk: Let’s Check the Route From Here to the Airport



女底色.png OK, I’ve got an up-to-day map. Let’s check the route from here to the airport.

男底色.png Where are we? Oh, here we are. So we drive to the A120 and turn left.

女底色.png No, we turn right. Remember that we are coming from this direction.

男底色.png Oh yes! Sorry! Then we drive to the M11 motorway.

女底色.png How far is that?

男底色.png It’s only seven miles. We turn left to join the motorway and drive south.

女底色.png According to the map, we get off the M11 at the second junction and join the M25. That’s the motorway that goes around the edge of London.

男底色.png That’s another 15 miles, so that’s 22 miles total so far.

女底色.png Then we drive west on the M25. We must be careful to turn in the right direction!

男底色.png Then we drive on the M25. it turns south. When we reach exit 15, we turn left and go west along the M4.

女底色.png Then we take the first Heathrow Airport. What’s the total distance?

男底色.png The journey around the M25 is 33 miles and then 3 extra miles to get to the airport. So how many miles is that together?

女底色.png 22 miles to the M25, 33 miles on the M25, and 3 after that. That’s a total of 58 miles, isn’t it?

男底色.png It shouldn’t take us very long to cover that distance. Remember that we can go quite fast on the motor way.

女底色.png We can only go fast on the motor ways if there isn’t much traffic. I think we should allow ourselves plenty of time to get there. Being early is much better than being late.







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