Talk: Can You Help Me Contact These People?


女底色.png Sam, can you help me contact these people?

男底色.png Sure, what do you want me to tell them?

女底色.png Well, I need to confirm the time of their classes.

男底色.png OK, where can I find their telephone number?

女底色.png They are all listed here on this sheet of paper.

男底色.png Is it their home, office or cell phone number?

女底色.png Unless it’s marked differently, it’s their home number.

男底色.png Alright. What if I can’t get a hold of them by phone?

女底色.png Then, you should e-mail them with the information.

男底色.png Where can I find their e-mail address?

女底色.png They should have then listed on their resume.

男底色.png And if there aren’t any e-mail addressed?

女底色.png Then send them a SMS on their cell phone.

男底色.png OK. That sounds easy enough. Have you called any of them yes?

女底色.png Yes. I called the first three people on the list, but they didn’t pick up.

男底色.png Did you leave a voice message?

女底色.png I left a voice message on one-just for the first person on the list.

男底色.png I see. What did you tell her?

女底色.png I told her that she should call me back at my office number.

男底色.png OK, so, maybe I should call her again.

女底色.png Yes, that sounds like a good idea. She might not get the other message in time.





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