Learn English Sentences Everyday [penalty]

1. Increasing the enforcement of penalty can reduce the damage to the environment to some extents. Considering the higher costs in handing in fines to the law enforcement departments, these companies might figure out ways to reduce the amount of pollution.

2. As a result, the reduced pollution to a decrease in the toxic chemicals and wasted gases in the environment. However, this solution does not solve the problem completely.

3. Even the price of goes up, most companies would still choose to pay because continuing the production is the way for them to make a fortune.

4. Such necessity is not able to be replaced, and pollution would continue to be a problem. Exploiting new energy sources, on the other hand, is a better alternative to reduce pollution because it’s a stable solution that will solve the problem eternally.

5. Cars that are powered by solar energy, for example, cause no harm to our environment, since it uses a long-lasting and powerful battery to absorb and store the energy from the sunlight and then use this energy to power the cars.

6. According to research conducted by scientists in Japan and China, the solar energy cars do not produce any greenhouse gases such as the carbon dioxide and the sulfur dioxide, or toxic materials that polluted the air.

7. Based on this, cars driven by solar energy would reduce the emission of waste gas to the environment.

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