Learn English Sentences Everyday [leader]

1. History remembers great leaders—kings, presidents, CEOs, and the like—largely for the decisions they make.

2. However, what we often forget is that these decisions are rarely made alone—leaders will often rely on the help of others when weighing their options.

3. While some leaders may prefer to make decisions alone, I think the most effective ones will involve others in the decision-making process.

4. Letting others participate in the process creates stronger bonds and more trust between the leader and the rest of the group.

5. When others in the group are brought into the decision-making process, they will feel more valued and more essential to the group’s success.

6. This will engender a stronger sense of camaraderie and belonging, and subsequently, will lead them to work harder to see their group succeed at their task. Also, they will gain some insight into how the leader makes his or her decisions.

7. This will make the leaders decisions seem less mysterious or arbitrary. The group will come to trust the leader’s decisions more in the future—even when they are not part of the decision-making process.

8. A leader must attend to many things that demand his or her attention, and making so many judgment calls without the aid of others can be extremely tiring.

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