Talk: What Do You Think the Problem Could Be?


女底色.png Good morning. What seems to be the problem?

男底色.png Good morning, doctor. I feel terrible. I’ve god a cold and I have a rash here on my neck. I’m not sleeping well either. What do you think the problem could be?

女底色.png I’d say you’ve been working too hard or are under stress for some reason. Have you been taking anything for your cold?

男底色.png Yes, I bought some medicine at the chemist’s. I’ve been taking it for three days.

女底色.png Good. I’m going to prescribe something stronger. It will make you feel drowsy, so you certainly should rest.

男底色.png OK. I can afford to take a few days off work.

女底色.png Have you been working hard recently?

男底色.png Yes, I have. I had to get a project finished. It’s done now, so I can relax a little. 

女底色.png Good. Let’s take a look at that rash….It looks worse than it is. I’m going to prescribe some ointment for it. If the rash doesn’t clear up in a few days, come back and see me. Do you have any other symptoms?

男底色.png I have a bad headache, but…

女底色.png Don’t worry about that. It’s probably of the stress you’ve been under. Just take some aspirin. Combined with the stronger cough medicine, it will make you feel very tired. You shouldn’t work or use any equipment which requires concentration. If I were you, I’d just sleep, read a book, or watch TV. Here is your prescription.

男底色.png Thanks doctor. I’ll get these immediately. Goodbye.





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  • what the meaning of this sentences “I’ve god a cold and I have a rash here on my neck”
    i don’t understand with ussually god in these sentences

  • I have a problem in speaking in front of many people. When I face a lot of people, I feel so nervous. I can’t stand looking at the audience because it just makes me so unsettled. Please help me to find a way out. I want to be confident just like the other. How be confident?

    • Good morning. Please don’t look at the gathering when you are about to speak. If you do so you may probably feel hesitate what to speak. You go to mirror at home and think there is thousands of gathering start to speak whatever you want.. by this practise one fine day you will be on your way to excel in speaking… and also when you look at the gathering you just think that they are objects and they are in the position to receive your speech.. and try to watch how the famous speakers do it.

    • Hi. If you have clear idea about the topic which you are going to discuss then your confident level will raise automatically.

      • It’s your phone number? Where are you from?

  • Hi . I am just started to learn English through this app but whenever I am just about to speak English in front of people I feel very hesitated and cannot speak so fluent and and the fear of embarrassed crap upon me and I stopped​ speaking in English .Soo I wanted to know how to speak fluent

  • I too just started speaking perfect english from this app and i still want to improve my learnings
    Plz help me to learn new words and correct pronunciation

  • Hi.i can speak in english but sometimes when i am speaking english constantly then in some sentences i forget the word that which word i used here and i am confused and i fail to speak fluently

  • I also just start focusing on my speaking
    Lets see how much time that

  • That story is usefull, if i go to clinic for my seek i would talk to doctor with confidence. Thanks.

  • Anyone tell me how i can speak enlish fluently i want to improve my english

  • Hi please help me, I always doubt myself when I’m speaking English, I always think that what I’m saying is not right or making sense to others.

    • Yes me too, but i always practice in front of people. sometimes i dont know what i speak.. but it can help me to improve my english.
      For learner that confident is important ..

  • Wow perfectly. I felt so better before I found application U-Dictionary .Because I could practicing with methods of learn English .Thank’s for developer this application

  • Right from this app i can learn more english and know the meaning of difficult word yeah actually my pblm also that i c’nt speak fluent in front of people

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