Talk: I Seem to Have Lost My Train Ticket


女底色.png How can I help you?

男底色.png I seem to have lost my train ticket.

女底色.png What’s your destination?

男底色.png I’m supposed to be going to London.

女底色.png OK. When is your train supposed to leave?

男底色.png It’s supposed to leave in 30 minutes.

女底色.png Oh, dear. What’s your last name, please?

男底色.png SMITH.

女底色.png And your passport number?

男底色.png 745938849.

女底色.png Let me see…It doesn’t look like we have any information about your ticket here.

男底色.png Is there anything you can do for me? If I don’t make it to London in time, my wife is going go kill me.

女底色.png Oh dear. I’m really sorry, sir. But you don’t have any proof of purchase. You’ll simply have to purchase another ticket.

男底色.png How much is that going to cost me?

女底色.png It depends on how you want to travel. If you want a soft sleeper, it will cost 90 pounds; if you want a hard seat, it will only cost 50 pounds.

男底色.png I can’t possibly travel on a hard seat for 8 hour!

女底色.png Looks like you might like the soft sleeper then.

男底色.png Yes, fine. Let me see how much money I have I my wallet.

女底色.png …Sir?

男底色.png Where’s my wallet? Someone has stolen my wallet!

女底色.png Perhaps it’s in your other pocket.

男底色.png You’re right. It is. 




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