Talk: I Really Dislike Going to A Hospital


女底色.png Hello. Nice to see you again. I heard you went into hospital for a few days to undergo surgery. I hope everything’s OK.

男底色.png Yes, fine. I had something wrong with my stomach. I won’t go into detail, but it wasn’t serious.

女底色.png I really dislike going to a doctor or to a hospital.

男底色.png I think most people are a little nervous about it. I was really very, very nervous just before I had the operation, but the anaesthetist gave me an anaesthetic and the next thing I remember was waking up after the operation.

女底色.png It must have really hurt afterwards.

男底色.png Well, the nurse gave me plenty of painkillers, but it did feel uncomfortable. I wasn’t permitted to eat anything for 48 hours. That was the worse thing.

女底色.png I bet you were ready for a thick juicy steak when you got out of hospital.

男底色.png I certainly was! However, the doctor gave ma a list of food I couldn’t eat for another 72 hours, and steak was on the list!

女底色.png Is there any pain now?

男底色.png No, not at all. I stopped taking painkillers after a couple of days.

女底色.png Did they take good care of you in the hospital?

男底色.png Oh, yes. The nurse were very kind, though they were strict about what I could drink. In the end, I just drank water and nothing else. Everyone was very professional and I actually enjoyed some aspects of my stay.





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