Learn English Sentences Everyday [budges]

1. During an economic crisis, governments face difficult choices of monetary allocation with reduced budgets.

2. In this challenging time, it is of vital importance for policy-makers to recognize the effectiveness of policy-making on certain social services or programs such as arts, scientific research and park and public gardens.

3. In times of an economic crisis, it is significant for policy-makers to recognize the necessity of investing in scientific research because it exerts a far-reaching effect.

4. If the financial crisis leads to substantial cuts in funding for scientific research by governments, it will be difficult to muster investment for a public good, like clean air, or for extremely risky initiatives, such as novel approaches to new antibiotic drugs, or in areas where the outcome is uncertain.

5. As a matter of fact, technological innovation, biomedical breakthroughs, and tackling pressing environmental issues all require sustained scientific development, from basic discovery to final application.

6. Investing in research is investing in the future, and it requires a long-term commitment to the accumulation of knowledge, the testing of basic principles, and the translation of these discoveries into practical applications that impact everyday life.

7. Funding for parks and public gardens provides an opportunity for people to engage in physical activities, which is considerably beneficial to health.

8. Nowadays, due to the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating diet, overweight and obesity are epidemic problems across the world, and related conditions are on the rise.

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