Learn English Sentences Everyday [gap year]

1. Under the educational system of many western countries, taking a gap year, a period of time when students can take a break from formal education, has become quite common.

2. When it comes to the pros and cons of spending at least one year working or travelling before attending university, people’ preference may vary from one to another.

3. In the first place, spending a year travelling will provide high school students a good chance to escape the daily grind.

4. As is common sense, the life of high schooler are filled with countless assignments, various quiz and exams, which nearly drive them to be stressed out.

5. Obviously, what they need most is the vent for releasing all the tensions and pressures accuring in the rapid rhythm campus life. Consequently, taking a break from educaion and going away for while can fulfill this function well.

6. During the gap year, students can surf in Hawaii, wake boarding in Italy, go bungee jumping in New Zealand and enjoy the sunbath on the seashore of Miami. Such a short escape from the daily bustle and hustle will be conducive to their mental and physical wellbeing.

7. Taking a year off to do some internship can help high school students acquire more new pratical skills and thus adapt to the university life more smoothly.

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