Talk: The Transport System in Our City


女底色.png How do you think the transport system in our city could be improved?

男底色.png I think that the public transport system could be made simpler. I never know where the bus routes actually go. The routes seem to twist and turn rather than going roughly in a straight line.

女底色.png I think we just need to build more roads. Then there would be more space for cars to drive and we’d have fewer traffic jams.

男底色.png If we built more roads, people would just fill them with cars again. I think we should discourage people from using their cars.

女底色.png How would you do that?

男底色.png I think we should do a few things at once. Improving public transport would encourage people to use that. If we also charge people to use their cars in the city centre, they won’t use their cars as much.

女底色.png I don’t know. I think it’s unfair to make drivers pay more money. They already pay a lot of tax-petrol tax, for example.

男底色.png I think that they should pay more tax. Look at the damage they cause to the environment and people’s health by discharging all those exhaust fumes.

女底色.png The air would certainly be cleaner if there were fewer cars being used in the city. The problem is that people will see it as reducing their freedom. It will be unpopular.

男底色.png That’s a good point. Car owners will probably be against it, but people who use public transport will be in favor of it.





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  • We need the comfortable and cheap public transportation which easygoing to call

  • I think we should certainly use public transport. Its good for our health and environment

    That is a great think

  • I think there should be small train in city just like metro and car and other vehicle shouldn’t allowed in the main city and there should be parking arrangement also within 5 km and different road for car and bus

  • I think this text is right. Many people prefer use their car than the transport public. Even though use transport public is cozier than private transportation. You can be acquainted with new people or you can enjoy the view of city! .

  • I would like to thanks for helping me improving my reading section. I want to say that ,the transport problem has been continouslly agresing in our country ,there are lots of people suffering from exhale firm from vehicle.The goverment have to take a quick action and and will make legislation for this.

    • I think its our responsibility to take care of our environment, and it would be batter for us to take action by ourself, then rather then weating for government to take any action.

  • It’s a good topic to discuss. Topic that is known around the world because every country around the world has transport system and should consider the problems that maybe face them.

  • If people are given rights in our country, the public should also realise there duty towards there nation by using public transports as possible as they can.why people don’t get that, ultimately it is going to effect ourselves.

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