Learn English Sentences Everyday [health care]

1. With the gradually raised awareness of health, how to improve health care has become an issue of public concern and interest.

2. Many scientists and environmentalists have fully realized the negative impact of environmental deterioration on the public health and propose that the most important thing for government to improve health care is to clean the environment.

3. Indeed, a clean environment plays an important role in improving health care, because various environmental pollutions have posed a threat to the public health.

4. It is a piece of overemphasis to claim that cleaning the environment is the most important way for government to improve health care, because there are other two ways which are equally important.

5. Developing medical technology is another effective way to improve health care. Given the indisputable fact that there remain many incurable diseases such as cancer and AIDS across the globe, the appropriate technology of treatment and therapy is in great need.

6. As a result, government is supposed to assume the responsibility of making progress in medical techniques, for the sake of curing the serious diseases and thus prolonging the life expectancy.

7. Government should place emphasis on improving the sports infrastructure. As is common sense, governmental support for public sports facilities can create a place for the average people to work out regularly.

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