Writing: Let’s Talk About Choices – City Life or Country Life?

Talking about what you want to be in the future, choosing your own lifestyle is certainly one of the considerations. Sometimes it’s your own choice that making the one who are you now. Many of you come from country, and others are born in cities. And when you grow up, you are free to leave your hometown and move to other places.
Then comes a question:
Which do you prefer – city life or country life?
So here are the requirements:
1. Write about “city life or country life?” Anything you can think about “city life or country life?”, you can write down in our comment area.
2. Original, simple but organized. Try to make fewer mistakes by checking your spelling when you finish. And you should write within 200 words.
3. 4 days for writing. Next Monday (Mar.19th) will be the last day for this writing practice.
4. Post your articles in the comment area below.
We will read your articles carefully, giving feedback soon. By the way, you are encouraged to interact with others in the comment area, helping each other learn English.
First five will be revised by us. And you may get the chance of being posted on our Facebook account.
We hope you enjoy our writing club!

Look forward to your reply!

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    • I can say that there is no better place than where our heart is ,no matter where we are if there is parent and security is present that is the most beautiful place for me .

  • I would say that country life is more favourable to me.As a person born in a country life I like country life which is very familiar to me.Even though most of the people including me are living in a city life because there are many facilities the country life will give us even more peace and happiness and it is very important to ur day to day life.

  • I think country life is best than city life coz if you still lives in country you have more knowledge than other people which is live in city and one more thing country life will give us happy life day to day 💕

  • City life is one of the most favorable life which person can led..in city a person have a busy life…

  • I guess city live and country life of each has the distinction
    In the city we saw a lot of development and many businesses and all those really really busy with kind of job they deal with.
    Living in the City such as lifestyle on sociality. Everybody has their own business the most important of the life in the city is about money.
    But on the other hand another by staying in the country or in the village most the people who live in the surrounding area still known each other and they live very peaceful with each other

    In conclusion I prefer to stay in the village because its people are very familiar and please help justify living however in the town and its people are full of competition and challenge unlike most we can see big cities mostly people an invidualism.

  • I prefer to choice a country life because it more favourable for me, and country life is where i born. i think is a very nice place for you who want more peace. and for me home is the best of everything

  • I would prefer country life cause feels like freedom no noise pollution open fields if we need any type of help everyone helps but in cities no one wanna help each other I would prefer definitely country life

  • Country life or city life?
    I grew up living a country life, and it’s just amazing how even the tiniest things, can mean so much to you , and how aware you can be in a daily basis, being one of them how much humanity means to us Your mindset it’s just different and you always make sure that you are doing the right things so that the ones that surround you learn as everyone grows together, your heart is pure and sincere, everyone takes care of everyone don’t matter the race or even the texture of your hair, life just taste better LIVING A COUNTRY LIFESTYLE. Besides life is not as fast as its living a city lifestyle. you value more the precious things that this universe brings us, and your knowledge improves day by day, also there’s no day that you won’t smile at life and apreciate the ones you love and every single little moment am de joy that they bring along with them because that’s what really matters at the end of the day I feel there’s any misunderstanding there will always be peace at the end… country life It’s, stay humble and love yours. Thank you !

  • Yes City Life Is Beautiful Life Because When I Came To City Feeling Happy n Easy To Known All Entertainment Places N Iam Joy With City Life

  • I prefer country life because it is free from various kind of pollution.This is one of the main reason.when we are living a country life there are people who help us in time of need.Usually people in the city are very busy in their life they don’t even have time for themselves then how could they are going to help others.At last I would like to say country life is far better than a city life.Thankyou

  • اگر وہ میرے پاس اتا تو میں اس کے مدد کرتا
    Translate it please

  • Country life and city life both have their own way of living. I was born in city i had completed my education from city. I was happy with my life but when i thought about my future their was no scope so moved for country life but in city life people has time for other they help others and value then
    Country life is good but its is only a glamours life. When you have money people will respect you other wise they even d’ont care you are alive or dead. As i had alread mention that both the life have their on way so their are also lots of good point in contry life that life get esier.
    We also get good jobs in mns company

  • Everyone has their own views in my perspective city life is more better than the country life. I am not saying that the country life is bad country life is also but I choose city life as compared to country life because of many reasons. In city life everyone get more opportunities than the country life, opportunities like studying better education than the country life and best hospitals as well and better job opportunities as well . People use to choose city life as compared to country because of advance education and advance health vare centres. People want education mostly because of education facilities available here everyone love to live city life. In cities there are more best schools and best colleges as well as best universities with best teachers available in cities that’s the big reason why people use to choose cities life as compared to country life. In cities hospital high qualified doctors are available every time to serve their service to their people.

  • In my opinion i prefer city life then country life even though country life is more peaceful,we can’t refuse modernization.In the city,we have anything to fulfill our needs in a simple way.I’m a kind of person who always have a to do list everyday,my schedule are very busy so i don’t have any time to hang out.In the country life they live together,they have to work together to achive something,but in the city you can live by your own.we got everything we need.so thats why I prefer city life then country life.

  • I would like to prefer city life where i was born & brought up its not like that city life not offers you opputunities to grow. According to me;a person can grow anywhere where he wants.it just the way how you see take them as & deals with the situation all we need to do is lots of hardwork so, we can accomplish our goals.

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