Learn English Sentences Everyday [Privacy]

1. With the gradual awareness of personal privacy and the consequences resulting from privacy intrusions, more and more people become cautious about their privacy protection.


2. However, recently, one can have access to any person’s detailed information. By inputting a person’s name and his or her ID number, we will confirm whether the items match each other.

3. Under the authorization of us, any person can have access to our detailed information. Although according to the personal information inquiry service provider it satisfies the current needs of our society, some people hold the opinion that the service will intrude personal privacy.

4. As the service is based on its database connected to the Internet, it is likely that hackers will have easy access to anyone’s personal information at will. This concern is not an exaggeration.

5. Even the claimed most secure Pentagon website has frequent unwanted visitors, that is, hackers, how can we trust that the service is able to protect our personal information from being exposed to hackers?

6. Besides, as our privacies have been converted to a form of commodities, it is likely that motivated by money, employees of the service provider may sell our “privacy products” for their own benefits.

7. While the service provider boosts that it is reliable in that it will not provide personal information without due authorization of the person, we must bear in our mind that some people are excellent at making fake certificates and authorization documents.

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